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Ticket Websites - Features

The administration panel is a web-based interface accessible from any device connected to the Internet. It gives the user the ability to configure, populate and manage the front-end ticket website.
The administration panel includes a light-weight interface for managing event and ticket related content. You can add various content such as events, categories, images, slides, thumbs, top/featured events, hot tickets, news and videos. You can also add your own custom content such as entire pages, headers, footers, navigation, meta tags and custom client-side code. This gives you the control to balance existing functionality with customization.
Your ticket website comes preset themes, each with multiple accent colors, that can be used as a starting point for customizing the look and feel of each ticket website. Using CSS stylesheets, the look and feel can be customized further.
SEO Your website and its configuration were developed with SEO in mind. The admin panel provides you the tools you need such as adding unique and rich content, URL slugs for each page, tags and browser title manipulation and site maps, to optimize your site and get high search engine rankings.
The software is built and run on the most powerful and cutting edge software platforms and cloud infrastructure currently available. The result is incredible performance, speed and scalability.